Yosemite National Park Entry Ticket

Yosemite National Park is a region where many come to appreciate natural wonders. 

The wilderness, spread over a vast area, is home to animals, plants, trees, fish, waterfalls, mountains, and much more.

The variety of species that live there and the multiple natural attractions are a big point of interest. This attracts millions throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a fun, healthy, and adventurous vacation, you should know about the Yosemite National Park entry ticket/pass process and other things related to it.

Yosemite National Park entrance tickets or passes, were introduced to control the flow of visitors to the park. 

You were required to make a reservation for entry to the park. After the pandemic restrictions were lifted, this reservation was slowly phased out.

You can visit Yosemite National Park without a reservation now; however, if you plan on staying overnight, as most do when they want to properly explore the park, you will need to find a place to stay the night.

There are many lodges, hotels, and cabins available for that.

If you wish to just go for a day or a short picnic, you can visit with your vehicle or public transport that is readily available. 

You need to know Yosemite National Park tickets entry for different vehicles and groups.

Yosemite National Park Entry Ticket

Yosemite National Park Entry Ticket(1)
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Ticket TypePrice
Person entrance pass$20
Entry with Motorcycle$30
Entry with a private vehicle $35
Annual entrance $70

The personal entrance pass is valid for seven consecutive days and covers those entering on foot, horse, bicycle, and non-commercial bus or van.

The pass for a motorcycle is also valid for seven days for a non-commercial motorcycle. The pass is only valid for a motorcycle, not a person.

The private vehicle pass has the same seven-day validity and non-commercial cars, pickup trucks, RVs, and vans are eligible for it. 

The number of passengers inside the vehicle must be 15 or less.

This pass covers the vehicle and those inside.

You can also get an annual entrance pass that will provide you with entry into the park for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Note: The park does not accept cash. If there is no staff available at the entrance station, you can pay on your way back. People under the age of 15 can enter for free.

Group/Organization Entrance Passes

Yosemite National Park group entry
Image: NPS.gov

There are different rates for groups/businesses coming to Yosemite. The information about the Yosemite National Park entry ticket/pass for them and their vehicle is given below.

Ticket TypePrice
Educational groupFree Entry
Commercial Sedan (1 to 6 seats)$45 – $125
Commercial Van (7 to 15 seats)$125
Commercial Mini-bus (16 to 25 seats)$200
Commercial Motor Coach (26+ seats)$300
Non-commercial group (16+ people)$20

All the vehicles require commercial use authorization and the Yosemite National Park entry ticket/pass is valid for seven days.

In the case of educational institutions, they can get free entry if they are accredited or tax-exempt for educational purposes and the trip is not recreational.

Note: When it comes to public transportation, free or paid transportation is available for most areas of the park depending on the weather. 
Some areas cannot be accessed by vehicle.
Check the official website to know which areas have transportation available and for when.

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